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If we get caught...

just deny it!

31 January 1987
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My name is Amanda and I am 28 years old.
I live in the ever so sunny Florida.
I am married and have a beautiful daughter name Serenity Sky
and a handsome son name Alexander Emilio.

My journal is friends only.
If you would like to be added,
comment and tell me about yourself.
Then we will see where that takes us

Some loves:
music. movies. photography. make-up. magazines.
shoes. gaspard ulliel. accents. boys. love. clouds. eyes.

clothes. reading. flip flops. chapstick. old cars. rainy days.

Some dislikes:
stupid drivers. cheaters. fake people. root beer. unorganized money.
people who do not like gaspard ulliel. green tea. beer. mean people.
not having any money, ANY bug. drunk drivers. waking up early.

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